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What people are saying about Dr. Meeker...
Dr. Meeker has provided primary care to both my husband and myself for over ten years, and I hope he will be here for us for many years to come. His advice is sound, his manner is respectful, and his personality is friendly.  Dr. Meeker let us know he is our partner when it comes to our health care... a partner who is accessible!

Brenda C.
Oregon City, OR

I spent years looking for a doctor who would LISTEN and 
HEAR what my healthcare concerns are. Finally, I found 
Dr. Meeker. He is exactly what I was looking for. He has 
great listening skills, and never makes me feel rushed. He
does not hesitate to order tests to get to the bottom of 
problems. I highly recommend him!

Sandy V.
Tigard, OR

Not only do I admire Dr. Meeker, but his staff has always been so sweet and friendly to me. They have assisted me with many things such as lab results, insurance issues, last minute appointments, etc... This is just as important to me as my doctor, because many times I just interact with them. Your new office suite is just lovely, and I'm so happy to have found you again!

Lilly S.
West Linn, OR

Dr. Meeker has been my physician for over ten years.  He has always been gracious and honest in his assessment of causes of my various illnesses.  He is straight forward, and yet sympathetic. He advocates a healthy lifestyle and encourages me in ways to implement one. I have referred 
him to many friends and relatives.  I would highly recommend him.    

Cheryl H.
Gladstone, OR

The first time I met Dr. Meeker, he engaged me on a personal level, and I felt comfortable with him right from the  beginning.  He is analytical in his thought process and diagnosis.  Most importantly, I have great confidence in his ability to treat me, and treat me as an individual.  Because Dr. Meeker took the time to get to know me and explain how certain ailments are connected I have been able to modify my lifestyle in a healthier direction and I feel so much better.

Jerry R.
West Linn, OR

I have had Dr Meeker as my doctor for the past 11 years. I feel that he listens to all the information I give to him concerning my health, and makes sound, practical decisions based upon expertise and common sense.

Joe P.
Portland, OR

I have been a patient of Dr. Meeker for over 10 years. He has always given me the best care and immediate attention when needed i.e... appointments, prescriptions refills, or occasional consults. I am pleased to have him back in the area as my personal physician.

Paul D.
West Linn, OR

I had my first physician for 28 years, went through five more until I met Dr. Meeker. Not only is Dr. Meeker a compassionate professional, he is someone who anyone can relate with. It is not uncommon for the first ten minutes of our appointment for us talk about life, work, family, and best of all, golf!  After that he listens, makes recommendations for your individualized, personal care...he does not push one option, unless that is the only option. He is understanding about costs and will work with you and your insurance for YOUR best option.

I highly recommend Dr. Meeker and his practice, and hope to keep him as my personal physican until I no longer need one.

Michael W.
Wilsonville, OR