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What more people are saying about Dr. Meeker...
When our previous primary care physician retired he strongly recommended Dr. Meeker. I can now pass along that recommendation. Dr. Meeker is a thorough questioner about my health, taking the time to understand every issue I bring to him. After our first meeting, I brought my wife to him as well as her mother. We are all very happy to have met Dr. Meeker, and will absolutely continue with him until either he retires or we are no longer in need of medical care.

Tom H.
West Linn, OR

My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Meeker for several years now; not only is Dr. Meeker an excellent diagnostician he retains the personal patient/physician relationship that is being lost in this day of "impersonal patient processing" by too many in this medical profession. We will never, voluntarily, give him up.

Mike and Lynne N.
Portland, OR

My husband and I needed to change our PCP because of an insurance change.  We are very happy that we selected Dr. Meeker, because we find him to be professional as well as caring. Dr. Meeker takes time to not only answer our questions, but gives us options as well.  We feel very comfortable with him. These attributes in a doctor are very important to us.

Dr. Meeker's MA, Carissa, is the best! We can't say enough nice things about her. You can
sense the warmth and caring in her voice.  If something needs to be done, it gets done. We have had to call her on many occasions and are extremely satisfied with her "can do and get it done"
attitude. Kudos to her as well!

We are happy to provide our comments, because Dr. Meeker and Carissa are very important to us.

Milwaukie, OR

Needless to say, it's a "traumatic" event when you have to change your personal family doctor. When our existing doctor told us that he was going to close his practice, we were very dismayed and had no idea who we would look to for our family health care. At the time, our existing doctor provided us with four physicians whom he would recommend we consider. I started "investigating" to see to whom we would trust our health care to. When we got to Dr. Meeker (he was the third doctor of the four recommended) we didn't look any further. Dr. Meeker's professional situation, just starting his West Linn Primary Care practice after several years as a staff physician, along with his personal philosophy on health care, appealed to us. In addition, Dr. Meeker is a much younger doctor than our previous family doctors, who either left practice for a less-stressful situation or retired. We had decided we wanted a doctor who is knowledgeable on the latest methods and technology, and who wouldn't be on the verge of retiring. These are the reasons we chose Dr. Meeker, but what we found was one of the most considerate, thoughtful, and caring doctors that we had ever met. He never makes you feel rushed, and still has time for your questions, which he always encourages. He comes across as a caring human being, rather than a "robot" who only talks in technical jargon. Another important point, too, is that Dr. Meeker has a very special staff who complement his style and health care philosophy. Both my wife, Mary, and I would not hesitate to suggest Dr. Meeker to any individual or family who doesn't want to trust their health to "just any doctor," but who wants a personal physician who truly cares about YOUR health and that of your family. Choose Dr. Huey Meeker and you will be as happy as we are with him as our doctor.

Mike W.
Wilsonville, OR

I am pleased to have found Dr. Meeker's new practice. He is a caring and conscientious Doctor. He is also always on the alert. He required that I have a PSA, which as it turns out showed that I had signs of prostate cancer. It was treated and is now in remission. Thank you Dr. Meeker.

Daniel P. Selivonchick, Ph.D.
Portland, OR

Dr. Meeker really listens and takes the time to go over any concerns that I may have. He always calls you personally with lab results. He gets you in on the same day for urgent calls. I am Very Pleased with him!

Mary M.
Wilsonville, OR

I was referred to Dr. Meeker when my previous doctor closed his practice. I really liked my doctor, and was nervous regarding the change. However, Dr. Meeker is much like my previous doctor, as much a friend as a doctor.  Dr. Meeker and I speak frankly to one another, and his recommendations have all panned-out as my best health decisions.
I would strongly recommend Dr. Meeker to anyone in need of a personable physician.

Mark N.
Clackamas, OR