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Elite Cosmetics in West Linn
Formerly known as "West Linn Aesthetic Medicine"
Kelly Klingele, RN, BSN, Aesthetic Specialist

Kelly has over 22 years of experience in the medical field.  She started out as a Medical Assistant and worked in a fast-paced urgent care clinic for 5 years, then went back to school to become a registered nurse.  She attended Oregon Health and Science University where she received her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.  Since then she has worked in a variety of hospital settings including dialysis, intensive care, cardiac, and oncology just to name a few.  She enjoyed floating to different units in the hospital as it kept her job interesting and challenging.

After years of working in the hospital, Kelly took a slight turn in her nursing career and began practicing aesthetic medicine.  She took her cosmetic training through the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, the number one Botox and Dermal Filler training academy in the nation. She currently practices under Huey Meeker,
Huey Meeker, MD, Internal Medicine

Dr. Meeker is a board certified Internist and has practiced in the Portland Metropolitan area for the past 23 years. He's the primary physician at West Linn Primary Care and Elite Cosmetics.

He received his medical degree in 1992 at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine.  He took a visit to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and fell in love with it.  He then did his residency at Providence St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, and has been here ever since.  

As well as his personal practice, Dr. Meeker continues to have clinical privileges at local hospitals such as Providence Willamette Falls Hospital, Legacy Meridian Park Hospital, and Salem Hospital. He firmly believes that clinic and hospital practice compliment each other
M.D. as the primary aesthetic specialist of Elite Cosmetics. Kelly has studied and extensively researched the use of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, and is markedly impressed with the high safety rating and natural-looking results that they provide. 

When asked what is one of the most interesting things that she's learned from working in the cosmetic industry, Kelly responded with, "I had always been under the impression (stereotyping) that people who have cosmetic procedures done are vain and do it to impress other people. However, I've learned that it's quite the contrary. It's endearing that the vast majority of my patients truly and genuinely do this for themselves. Many patients come into the clinic with one particular thing that they don't like or that has bothered them since they were young. Most of them don't care if anyone notices the change; actually they prefer that no one notices they've had anything done. It's about doing something for themselves and taking a step toward positive self reflection, inner healing and change."

In addition to being the primary aesthetic specialist at Elite Cosmetics, Kelly also manages West Linn Primary Care, an Internal Medicine clinic.   

Kelly is committed to an honest, caring, confidential relationship with her patients and strives for perfection.
and should go hand in hand. He feels that this allows him to provide his patients with the most current, comprehensive, evidence-based medical care available.

Dr. Meeker has taken an interest in cosmetic medicine and opened Elite Cosmetics a couple of years ago. His primary role is supervising the aesthetic practitioners, however, he provides therapeutic procedures with Botox, such as headache control and TMJ Syndrome.

Despite a busy schedule, he balances his time between work and family. In addition to spending time with his wife and children, he takes pleasure in activities such as golf, tennis, swimming, skiing, and cooking. He appreciates the cultural diversity, ethnic foods, and beautiful scenery that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. 

Madeleine Harris, Patient Services Representative

Madeleine joined our team three years ago as a PSA, backing up the head medical assistant in the front office. Her eye for detail, high level of responsiveness, and extreme competence are unsurpassed. Madeleine's proficient work ethic has improved the overall efficiency of office functions and flow of patients through the clinic each day. 

An over-achiever by nature, Madeleine finished high school 

​early and at the age of 18 is about to embark on her third year of college. Despite her full schedule and challenging coursework, Madeleine has maintained a 4.0 grade point average. 

Currently attending community college, Madeleine has been accepted to Portland State University  starting in the fall. She’s majoring in psychology and plans to be a therapist, specializing in adolescent behavioral therapy. With her balance of academic achievement and empathy for those in need of healing, we have no doubt she’ll become an exemplary therapist!

When she’s not busy with school or work, Madeleine enjoys spending time with her boyfriend - playing dodge-ball, tennis, and video games together. The biggest movie buff we know, Madeleine has an appreciation for film that rivals even the critics of the professional film industry. Having admiration for every genre, she cited these as a few of her favorites...Romantic: Silver Linings Playbook; Horror: The Conjuring; Comedy: Step Brothers; and favorite Apocolyptic movie is I Am Legend. 

Hip on movies, Madeleine's still a bit too old fashioned for a Kindle. Like generations before her, she’d rather feel the pages of an old paperback in her hands than a cold steel surface of an electronic device. Having such refined tastes in film and literature, we asked Madeleine who her favorite author was. Her answer was New York Times best-selling author John Green. She went on to say, "I can't get enough of his witty, humorous writing! When I run out of other books to read, I re-read one of Green's books." Madeleine said that she's laughed and cried to The Fault in Our Stars at least a dozen times! 

We’re lucky to have such a promising young woman working for us, and are eager to see what she accomplishes in the future. 

Carissa White, Lead Medical Assistant and PSA

Carissa just celebrated her third-year anniversary with us! She's a highly merittable employee who's respected by everyone in the office for her hard work and dedication to her job. She has a personable and caring relationship with all of the patients and shows the utmost respect and professionalism when interacting with them. Sometimes a bright smile and friendly voice is all someone needs to help them feel better.

Carissa completed the highest level program available for medical assistants. This program breeds a higher class of MAs, which shows in her stellar work performance, proficient skill level, and extensive knowledge base. Carissa may be returning to school to study ultrasound. We would be devastated to lose her, but encourage continuing education and support accomplishing career goals.

Carissa is married to a great guy who's about as mellow and easygoing as she is, probably more so if that's even possible ;) They have one practice child together, their yellow lab, better known as "Captain Chuck." In their free time they enjoy camping, concerts, spending time with friends, and making something called a traduckin! Huh?!  While her husband is smitten on alternative music, Carissa's current obsessions are Jack White, Lana Del Rey, and Glass Animals. Last concert? "Vance Joy at the Roseland." You can't get more hip then that!

When asked what she likes most about working at West Linn Primary Care and Elite Cosmetics, Carissa responded, "I enjoy how well we get to know our patients. By being a small office staff you get the benefit of not only getting to know all of your patients well, but also getting to know their family and hearing about their life story."